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Who: Anyone looking for a great challenge and an adventure across the United States!

Chicago Marathon

What: The challenge is two-fold: 1 - run a half marathon in every US state in under 100 total hours (2 hour average pace) and 2 - run each of those half marathons in under 2 hours!  Yes, it would be possible to complete a half marathon in every state in under 100 total hours without running a sub-2 hour race (i.e. run a 2 hour and 10 minute half but run two more races at an average pace of 1 hour and 55 minutes).

When: There is no time limit from your first half marathon to your last, but Mike and Kristin completed the challenge in under 4 years (December 2009 to October 2013, 1,400 days).

Where: All 50 US states! 100% of the race needs to be run within that particular state's borders (i.e. the race can't start in one state and finish in another).  All races must be chip timed (or equivalent) with official results posted after the race is complete.

Why: In our short running history we have run 4 marathons, completed a hand full of triathlons (including two half Ironman races), and run quite a number of races of various distances, but we have fallen in love with the half marathon.  The distance is challenging, yet consistently attainable and more importantly allows us to visit another state for a few days to experience the sights, sounds and tastes of a new city.  We enjoy a good craft beer or a nice glass of wine and the half marathon allows us to really experience all a city has to offer without the nerves that a marathon brings.  Some people love the marathon distance, but the half marathon is our true passion.


How: Running with our two legs - and occassionally when the weather is terrible or our bodies give up on us, walking and crawling to the finish line! A sub 2-hour race is a sub 2-hour race no matter how you (legally) get to the finish line - including in costume!

Lincoln Half


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