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How to Upload a Race Medal

Step 1: Login.

If you don't have an account, you can create one for free (click on "create an account" on the bottom left hand side of the page).

Step 1 - Login


Step 2: Click Upload a Race Medal (Left side of page)

Step 2 - Click Upload a Race Medal


Step 3: Name the Medal You Will be Uploading in the Title Box.  Select the Relevant State From the Category Drop-down Box. Enter a Brief Description of the Race in the Description Box.

Tip: As you type you will likely see race names, try to be consistent with previous years medals (i.e. if you see Indianapolis use that rather than the shorter term Indy).  Also, when naming a new race please format as follows: "Race Name" "Medal" "Year".

Step 3: Name the Medal


Step 4: Click "Choose File" and Search for the Medal Picture on Your Computer. Once Selected Click "Open".

Step 4: Choose File and Select Open


Step 5: Click "Upload".

Step 5: Click Upload


Step 6: SUCCESS!  Your Medal Has Been Added to the Appropriate State Gallery for Everyone to Enjoy.  Thank you :)

Step 6: Success!  Your Medal Has Been Uploaded


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